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Communication Barriers
Employment Discrimination
Housing & Facility

At Eisenberg & Baum, we represent individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in a wide range of legal issues, including job discrimination, communication access, personal injury and sexual abuse/harassment, and other areas such as wills and trusts and real estate matters.


At Eisenberg & Baum Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, we offer a Deaf-friendly environment, with a CODA attorney fluent in sign language and a Deaf Liaison who provides excellent client service. We also happily provide qualified ASL interpreters, Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI), and a videophone for our clients.


With a team of lawyers and staff who bring diverse professional backgrounds to Eisenberg & Baum, we ensure that our legal services achieve favorable results for our clients. A free initial consultation is available for all potential clients.

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