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EXCLUSIVE: New Yorkers demand NYPD learn how to treat deaf people. 

May 17, 2015


Four letters, scrawled in the dust of an NYPD patrol car, became a terrified woman’s only hope of survival: H-O-S-P. Diana Williams, a deaf New Yorker who’s also unable to speak, traced the cryptic message with her index finger after contorting her body so her cuffed hands reached the side of the car. “Hospital,” she then mouthed as tears spilled in soundless sobs.    click here to read more....

Eisenberg & Baum Team Attends the NAD Breakthrough Awards Gala

March 13, 2014


Eisenberg & Baum is a proud sponsor of the National Association of the Deaf’s (NAD) first Breakthrough Awards Gala recognizing trailblazers in the entertainment industry who made it possible for deaf and hard of hearing artists and supporting cast to be a part of the Hollywood landscape. Such inclusion is instrumental in how society perceives our community and to the creation of equal treatment. The Eisenberg & Baum Law Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing team joins the NAD in celebrating the pioneering works of their honorees Marlee Matlin, Aaron Sorkin, Lizzy Weiss, Bernard Bragg. The event is held at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

3 Hospitals Failed to Help Dying Deaf Patient
February 16, 2014

The family of an elderly deaf man, Alfred Weinrib, claims he died not knowing his proper diagnosis because his requests for a sign language interpreter were denied.

Deaf Starbucks Patrons Allege DIscrimination in Lawsuit
August 1, 2013

Twelve deaf Starbucks customers have filed a lawsuit alleging that workers at two of the coffee shops in New York City mocked them and refused to serve them because of their disability.

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